a study in james buchanan ‘keep-your-clothes-away-from-this-guy’ barnes 

aka ‘bucky is the sole reason tony begudgingly admits that having a communal laundry room in avengers tower wasn’t the “best idea ever” ’

'yo where the fuck are all my clothes??? i left them in the dryer twenty minutes ago and now they're all gone. i'm serious steve you need to talk to your boyfriend about boundaries i've only got two t-shirts and one shoe left in my wardrobe — stop laughing and go fix the fucking problem, steve!'



 ”S-so, I…I’m a really big fan…although I’m sure you’ve heard that a lot today, haha…” and he stops signing, looks straight in my eye with the most earnest expression, and says to me in the most serious voice, "You know, I guess so…but it’s different and so meaningful every single time." -Tumblr user barnvs





Anyone who dismisses her as eye candy didn’t watch the same movie I did, and ought to go sit in a corner and think about their misogyny.

I mean, god, it’s the little things.  That “who do you want me to be?” she asks Steve while they’re in the car is just so raw.  This is a woman whose entire life has been defined by ‘who do you want me to be?’ and so she falls back on it because she has nothing else left.  And Steve doesn’t buy into the trap and just says “how about a friend?”

And god, her face when she thought Nick Fury was dying. The sheer level of silent devastation she’s trying not to show and failing.  

I just cannot get seeing this moving and not seeing Natasha. Because if you just dismiss her as eye candy, that’s what you’re doing (I’m looking at you, several male reviewers). 

Today’s list of standout Natasha moments (it varies):

  • Reaction to Nick’s death.
  • Reaction to NIck’s not being dead (she looks so wounded under the physical pain and confusion).
  • Suiting up and infiltrating the WSC meeting with Pierce with a gunshot wound to her shoulder. 
  • Speaking of that, saving their asses shortly after getting said GSW, using a heavy piece of equipment even while she could barely stand.
  • Using the widow’s bite on herself.
  • That moment where she pauses to gird her emotional loins before she respond’s to Pierce’s jab about the world seeing her as she is (which it wouldn’t, because of course who she is and how she is is not what she’s done).
  • The steely-eyed, contained anger bubble gum snap. (Most bad-ass use of bubble gum ever.)


Why is manpain so annoying?



I’ve been seeing some good posts going around about CA:TWS and how Captain America is a man in legitimate emotional pain, not a man with manpain. I think there are several things that separate the two:

1. With legitimate emotional pain (legitpain) the things that cause the pain come organically from within the world of the story. Batman’s parents were killed, but they’re rarely real parts of any narrative. They only exist to give him pain. See also a million dead wives/girlfriends/families. When an event is grafted onto a narrative specifically to give the character pain, but otherwise has no impact on the world of the story, you might get manpain.

2. The narrative assumes the character is damaged forever by it, and that’s what gives the pain its value. There is a symbiotic relationship between the pain and the heroism. The more pain he feels, the bigger a hero he is. Batman will never move past a certain stage of mourning his parents’ death (anger, it appears). The narrative won’t allow him to, and privileges his hanging onto his pain above all things. 

3. The hero’s won’t allow himself to move forward because he would lose his identity. When characters construct an identity about hanging onto pain, they probably have manpain. (I think Olivia Benson on LO:SVU also has manpain, FWIW.)  His pain is an excuse for everything, an armor against change or real intimacy. When pain is used as an excuse for being a barely functional human being, but the character is still held up as a hero, somehow more heroic because of their pain, then you might have manpain. The narrative denies the heroism of trying to grow toward acceptance. Because that might negate the importance of the pain. 

This tends to be a sexist trope, because it gives an excuse for (usually) men to turn into what society deems the perfect man, but who would be a psychopath in the real world. He has no emotions except external anger, an expression of inner sadness. He often has no desire to live except for revenge. No woman will touch his heart, although they want to. Connections are weakness. (This kind of narrative always shows that. The hero must work alone. Whenever he opens his heart, those people are in danger.) This kind of character has to exist in a stasis, and the creators tease us with breaks in the armor, that are usually covered over, because the pain is all-important. If he tries to heal, then maybe his pain wasn’t so bad, and he’s a hero, so it must be bad, the worst ever.

Contrast this with Captain America, who is in legitpain, but he’s trying to work through it, he’s not using it as an excuse for anything. He’s making decisions not based on hanging onto pain, but on trying to survive, trying to accept his new world and find a place in it. He’s even trying to form connections with people, because he knows that connections don’t make him weak, they make him strong. The movie knows that trying to make connections, to find intimacy again, when you’ve been hurt, is braver than walling yourself off.

Contrast with Sam Wilson, who has been through something awful and come out of it a strong, wise man, who helps and heals others, who is capable of emotional intimacy.

God, I loved this movie.

(I realize this could come across as being down on depressed people and people who’ve gone through trauma, and are having trouble motivating themselves to heal. I’m not. I’m down on narratives that equate healing with weakness, and hanging onto pain with strength. Those narratives are harmful.)

Oh, this is good.

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"I think I really wanted to prove something to myself, but at the same time, I’m very sensitive. When you see those action movies and it’s like the back of somebody’s head and then all of a sudden they give that one pose at the end and you’re like, "That was not…That was the lamest thing." You want to see the actor risking their life. It’s part of what sells it, I think, as an audience member, and, like I said, I’m sensitive about that sort of thing. So I would want to… I never would want to be that. I wouldn’t want to be perceived as a wuss who couldn’t do it, I guess. " - Scarlett Johansson









Wow yeah, you’re totally right, I suppose saying that he was alive for those three years between it being formed and him freezing was totally unreasonable and wrong, and I mean it’s not like there were any such thing as furloughs, nope, it was just five straight years of fighting Nazis without a break for him, IT’S NOT LIKE FURLOUGHED SOLDIERS EVER WOULD’VE GONE TO A BASEBALL GAME no you’re right I’m the uncultured swine here my mistake.

yo okay that tagger is actually outright wrong for MCU because Steve got hella rejected 4F for a couple of years

according to the MCU wiki Steve didn’t actually successfully join and get Erskine’s serum until June 1943; subsequently he was a USO performer across the US and not actually a soldier on the front for like, five months. Just to make sure this was still cool beans, I asked wiki the dates for the league and it started up May 30, 1943. i think this means Steve could have gone to games both pre- and post-serum, you know, in between kicklines and grinning with shy pride at his own propaganda films. Maybe the girls dragged him to see a game—can you imagine Captain America in the stands with all his back-up dancers and they’re all yelling louder than he is HEY BATTER BATTER WHOOP

Reblogging in part for the extra info, but mostly because if the idea of one of the chorus girls in Steve’s act having a sister in the AAPGBL and Steve all hopeful about maybe getting her autograph doesn’t make your heart do completely treacherous things, I don’t know what to tell you.

Excuse me,

There’s no crying in baseball


(Also, we need an image of this for the 4th, because it doesn’t get more American than this)

Steve Rogers and Bucky watch women's baseball

Guys my photoshop is still awesome. See, Steve and Bucky went to a game before Bucky shipped out, and Bucky is just enjoying it but Steve is taking it really seriously.