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Desert Pirates by Sergi Brosa



I honestly think, once rewatching and rewatching it, that this is the most horrifying scene in the movie. It’s worse, for me, than the Red Room scene. Because the first time through, when you’re not 100% sure who’s who’s and whatnot, it seems as though Pierce is offering this possible Soviet rogue assassin a glass of milk. Hardy, har. For the audience, it’s simply showing you that Pierce is a villain. 

But watching it again, when you look closely, it’s very clear that Bucky (through Sebastian Stan’s unbelievable acting via emotional eyes) is afraid. He’s had no idea if he’s there to be disciplined or receive orders, or what. But he’s still there, patiently and quietly waiting for whatever will come. And when Pierce notices him, he takes the opportunity to taunt him. He is simply taunting him. Here he (Pierce) is, able to come and go as he pleases, do as he wants, when he wants, and the Winter Soldier, the most lethal weapon in the world, is in his home, in his kitchen, with a gun right in front of him, and the first thing he does is mock him. He offers him something that he knows damn well he won’t, can’t, accept.

Maybe Bucky does want some milk. Maybe there’s a part of him, somewhere deep inside, that does desire a small glass of it. But he can’t say yes. Bucky isn’t allowed to want. I can’t imagine the turmoil that must run through him when Pierce presents his “offer”. After being so emotionally abused and tormented, this “offer” most likely just adds to it. He would have no idea if he’s supposed to want milk or if he can have milk or, really, how he should answer at all. 

Pierce knows this and he “offers” anyway. There isn’t any reason for it. None. None, other than Pierce’s desire to be sadistic. In the Red Room scene, Pierce’s weapon is “malfunctioning”. He has a “reason”, as twisted and disturbing as it is, to do what he does there. But in the kitchen, there isn’t any reason to “offer” the milk other than because he can. Because he delights in mocking someone who’s been beaten and broken into submission. He’s like a school yard bully. He’s literally taken someone’s milk and drinks it in front of him. Because he can and no one, least of all the deadly man sitting just across from him, can do anything about it.


"My response to the “I am not a feminist” internet phenomenon….

First of all, it’s clear you don’t know what feminism is. But I’m not going to explain it to you. You can google it. To quote an old friend, “I’m not the feminist babysitter.”

But here is what I think you should know.

You’re insulting every woman who was forcibly restrained in a jail cell with a feeding tube down her throat for your right to vote, less than 100 years ago.

You’re degrading every woman who has accessed a rape crisis center, which wouldn’t exist without the feminist movement.

You’re undermining every woman who fought to make marital rape a crime (it was legal until 1993).

You’re spitting on the legacy of every woman who fought for women to be allowed to own property (1848). For the abolition of slavery and the rise of the labor union. For the right to divorce. For women to be allowed to have access to birth control (Comstock laws). For middle and upper class women to be allowed to work outside the home (poor women have always worked outside the home). To make domestic violence a crime in the US (It is very much legal in many parts of the world). To make workplace sexual harassment a crime.

In short, you know not what you speak of. You reap the rewards of these women’s sacrifices every day of your life. When you grin with your cutsey sign about how you’re not a feminist, you ignorantly spit on the sacred struggle of the past 200 years. You bite the hand that has fed you freedom, safety, and a voice.

In short, kiss my ass, you ignorant little jerks.”


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I’ve gotten a lot of questions like:

"My partner makes me miserable and does a lot of things I hate and the relationship makes me unhappy and anxious all the time.  Is this abuse?"

It can be hard to say from what I’m given.  But the uncomfortable thing about questions like this is that I think they’re asking another question, which is: “Should I leave this person?”

And that should not be the same question.  Something should not have to rise to the level of abuse to give you a reason to leave.  You don’t have to stay in a relationship that makes you miserable unless (until?) it becomes actually abusive.  Wanting to leave is reason enough.

There is power in the realization of “holy shit, this is abuse.”  Sometimes that is what someone needs to leave.  Sometimes when you can’t trust your own wanting to go, sometimes you do need to hear “yeah, that’s abuse.”

But it’s not true that abuse is the only justification to break up—hell, I don’t think you need any justification to break up.  This is a decision you’re making, not a case you have to prove.  Your partner doesn’t own you until you can prove that their behavior was so bad that they forfeit you.  You own yourself and don’t need to make a case to anyone before deciding what to do with yourself.

"I’m unhappy with this person.  Is it abuse?"

I don’t know.  But I do know that you’re unhappy, and you deserve to be happy.

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Natalie Dormer on Women and Body Image in Hollywood during SDCC 2014 (x)








Real talk is flowing from his mouth like a damn fountain.

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Do you feel like at this point Steve, Cap, is like, does he feel more acclimated to this world yet? Or does he still feel more isolated? [x]