But can you imagine Professor X visiting SHIELD and then, amidst all these voices thinking about work and and files and se, there's this one voice that goes 'I wonder if I could make one of the surrounding buildings if I jumped from the roof of the triskelion and had a running start. probably not. ok what if i had a motorcycle start. what if i rode my motorcyle and then JUMPED OFF IT IN MIDAIR' and charles peeks in and steve is in a meeting, standing rimrod straight, looking super serious


oh my fucking god

The next time he comes in Steve’s thoughts veer off into the first few lines of Starspangled Man With A Plan, which is immediately followed by an impressive string of swears because HE KEEPS THINKING HE’S GOT THE FUCKING SONG OUT OF HIS HEAD AND THEN IT JUST CREEPS BACK UP ON HIM WHAT THE FUCK. Trying to dislodge it, he starts reciting some modern pop song about milkshakes and boys in your yard


machines stab to kill


machines stab to kill


Viseu, Portugal (by Miguel Silva)


Viseu, Portugal (by Miguel Silva)


Language revitalization and technology


Several recent news stories about language revitalization. Some of them have hyperbolic framing about “saving” “lost cultures”, but the general projects are very interesting and it’s a fair point that technology, while not a solution in itself, can lead to greater exposure to a language and make younger people more excited to speak it. 

Rapping in Mayan languages

Pat discovered rap through a pirated 50 Cent CD, but he gained prominence with a 2009 contest at a community radio station in nearby Felipe Carrillo Puerto, where he wowed the crowd with a Mayan rap. He has since recorded three albums and shot a video, Mayan Blood, set in his hometown. Pat figures there are about 40 rappers following in his footsteps—and people of all ages coming to shows. “Old people like it for the language. Young people like it for the genre.” Even, he adds, if they don’t understand it at first. “The third, fourth or fifth time, it sticks.”

The article is a bit confusing because it refers to “the Maya language” although there is an entire Mayan language family. However, based on the location mentioned, Quintana Roo state, the rapper would probably be speaking Yucatec Maya, which, sure enough, is often referred to as just Maya by speakers. A small sample of other Mayan languages include Kaqchikel, Q’anjob’al, Ch’ol, and Tzeltal (the apostrophe indicates ejectives; demonstration here). 

Subtitling TV shows in various languages, including Udmurt, Maori, and Cherokee

Viki has teamed up with the the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages to encourage those who speak endangered languages to contribute their own translations of the shows. They’re currently adding projects for everything from Cherokee, a language spoken by about 18,000 people in the southeastern United States to Maori, a language spoken in New Zealand by about 60,000. The most popular endangered language on the site is Basque, spoken by about 720,000 people in the Basque region on the border between Spain and France.

Translating Firefox into various languages, including Fulah and Chichewa

Ibrahima Sarr, a Senegalese coder, led the translation of Firefox into Fulah, which is spoken by 20m people from Senegal to Nigeria. “Crash” became hookii (a cow falling over but not dying); “timeout” became a honaama (your fish has got away). “Aspect ratio” became jeendondiral, a rebuke from elders when a fishing net is wrongly woven. In Malawi’s Chichewa language, which has 10m speakers, “cached pages” became mfutso wa tsamba, or bits of leftover food. The windowless houses of the 440,000 speakers of Zapotec, a family of indigenous languages in Mexico, meant that computer “windows” became “eyes”.

Transferring a Penobscot dictionary from 1980s-era floppy disks to a usable modern format:

[Siebert] first met the Penobscot while his family was on vacation in Old Town in the mid-1930s. Just from an initial meeting with a Penobscot elder, he got started working to document the language and the oral literature in particular. And he pursued that—they always call it “avocationally.”…He worked with somewhere between a dozen and two dozen and possibly more speakers of Penobscot over the length of his work, collecting over 100 notebooks of linguistic material, including the oral literature he transcribed from dictation….During the 1980s, the Penobscot Nation got an NSF grant to hire him and a bunch of other people to work on creating a Penobscot dictionary from this material that he’d collected. They were still able to work with Madeline Shay and get new information as well….

I’m not entirely clear on the circumstances of how it didn’t get finished, but it basically didn’t…. It sat there on 5¼-inch floppy disks done on an Apple IIe computer using the then cutting-edge Gutenburg word processing program—it was cutting-edge largely because it allowed you to create your own characters, which are needed to write in Penobscot—and that’s the way it sat.

Creating a Skwo-mesh language immersion house

Starting in October, we will move into what we are calling a language immersion house. The goal of the project is to create a non-classroom environment where the language is used habitually or exclusively with fluent elders and speakers visiting on a regular basis to help advance our knowledge of our language and culture. It’s a pilot project with goals to build a lasting language immersion program that will ultimately create a generation of fluent speakers in the community.

To do this, we’re fundraising to cover costs like materials, video and audio equipment, and other miscellaneous items we may need. Join the project by buying a T-shirt through our teespring campaign here.

The idea of a language immersion house also reminds me of language nests, when young children are cared for exclusively in the language, by elders or semi-fluent adult speakers, and it’s especially useful once the parent generation doesn’t speak the language anymore. Language nests are a low-tech idea that were originally developed by the Maori in New Zealand with great results and have since been adopted by a wide variety of other groups. 


The road sign: Teen Wolf Criminal AU Trailer

- Step one: we need to switch the car.
- I was exonerated.
- You’re still a person of interest.

Halloween fic prompt! Sam/Steve, costumes. Like Steve is a little shit so he bets Sam that they could dress in $15 Cap/Falcon costumes while giving out candy and no one would recognize them. They make a lot of little kids super excited that halloween without their parents having any idea why.


"You wouldn’t sign off on the likeness rights?" Sam asks, and Steve turns from examining the red plastic gel spelling out "BEWARE!!!" to where Sam is behind him holding up—

Well. Holding up a child’s USA HERO costume, a costume that looks suspiciously close to the one SHIELD designed for him prior to the Battle of New York.

He can’t help but smile as he takes the bag from Sam to examine it closer.

"USA Hero?" Sam prompts, poking him in the arm.

"Stark mentioned it right after the Battle," Steve says. He’s been in quite a few battles, but there’s only one in his mind that deserves a capital B. "Apparently people were clamoring for merchandise. Something about marketing and rights, but what I got from it is that Stark owns the rights to Iron Man and the Hulk, Thor is technically public domain, but SHIELD and the government technically hold the trademark on me, Nat, and Clint."

"You’d think with the state SHIELD is in, they’d be happy to sell that stuff off to bring in a little money," Sam says, but Steve is back to examining the bag. The costume is made of some sort of stretchy synthetic material, mostly navy blue with red and white detailing at the waist (horizontal to the vertical on the original costume) and a big white letter A in the center of the chest, which is padded into a squishy set of pectoral and abdominal muscles. There’s a face mask included with a big white star on the forehead and a round red, white, and blue shield with an American flag in the center.

"I bet the real fans will be looking up how to make their own on the inter—well, shit!”

Steve looks up again—Sam is back to browsing costumes, but he’s stopped dead, his jaw hanging open. Steve crosses over to him and has to laugh.

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